When asked how he became an impersonator, Steve explains, “I was performing as San Antonio’s basketball team personality ‘Coyote Kid Stix’ and some kids at the game started calling me Garth. I honestly didn’t know why until a few weeks later when I performed at a local school. There happened to be an agent in the audience who said the students thought I was the real Garth Brooks! He has been performing as Garth Brooks ever since.

Steve has toured all over the country doing corporate shows, fairs, concerts and even did a tour for the military visiting bases all over the world including Japan, Singapore and Diego Garcia.

Crowd reactions have made it easy for Steve to be successful, “I love to talk to the crowds and get them involved in my show.” He knows he isn’t Garth Brooks, but if he can entertain the crowds and give everyone a great show, he is satisfied. “After all, ” Steve says, “entertaining is what performing is all about.”