Saturday, November 4th

The talented lineup of musicians which makes up On the Border, hale from Boston, MA down to Charlotte, NC.

Tracy Maples (Vocals, Guitar)
Tim Giovanniello (Vocals, Guitar)
Bill Morgan (Vocals, Guitar)
Andy Young (Vocals, Drums)
Scott Sobota (Vocals, Bass)
Bob Orazi (Vocals, Keys, Guitar)

Some of the most sought after musicians on the East Coast with years of experience in other projects from formerly signed National Acts to heralded Regional Groups.  What sets this Ultimate EAGLES Tribute apart from ANY other, is they were each hand selected to play the respected member.  Not only to recreate the music of that Eagles member, but just as importantly, emulate their sound as well.  On the Border does just that, and Exceptionally well.  Prepare to be amazed!